So I got a call from my agent. On a Sunday. I thought to myself, “hmm, odd”. Turns out I booked a voiceover gig for a national commercial. I was ECSTATIC, since its been years since I’ve had one (the last one was a “Dragonball Z” video game many years ago). The great thing about national spots: residuals. So the excitement level was thru the roof for several reasons, and then on the day of the session, another reason manifested itself. I show up at the studio where the ensemble cast has been assembled. Amongst them was Billy West and Grey DeLisle. Grey was super sweet, and Billy, whom I’ve met several times before, always has interesting stories. His energy and talent just radiates, and just makes everyone else around him light up. Its very infectious, and ya can’t help but feel happy. Adam Bobrow, from my agency, Arlene Thornton & Associates, was also there, and a couple other guys I haven’t met before and I can’t remember their names (cursed senility, hehehe). I’m not allowed to reveal any details about the spot until it airs, but suffice it to say, it was a blast to work on. Just another milestone moment in my career that cements the fact that I LOVE what I do. And all the hard times, when the phone’s not ringing, and the bills are piling up , are absolutely worth it.

I’ll be trekking to the midwest this upcoming weekend, this time to Madison, Wisconsin. I’ll be aiming to get my fill of fried cheese curds, sci fi, gaming, and anime fun at Geek Kon. Hope to see ya there!

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This has been covered a lot on the podcast I cohost, The Big Bald Broadcast….the fact that society not only goes to the web for its entertainment (and all facets seem to be focusing there as well), but that the web has been integrated so deeply into our own lives. We’ve seen podcasts, blogs, email, IM, and the distribution of video and audio content from pros and amateurs, and so much more. Movies, TV, and radio have to literally compete with all of these signals in a universe of noise.

Technology has made our lives easier, more convenient, and more dependent upon….technology. Well over a decade ago, I had my first cellphone. All it did was make calls. Today, I own an iPhone, which does practically everything. I depend on it for calls, texts, IM, games, music, podcasts, videos, etc to the point that it has literally become an appendage. I feel naked without it. I will actually start to slightly stress out if I accidentally leave the apartment without it lining my pocket. Now, I do depend on having this particular device because my career necessitates it. If I have to record an audition on the fly, I can. I can intercept emergency emails for auditions, gigs, bookings, etc. And oh yeah, I can make calls. I can also waste a large amount of time surfing the web, jamming to music, playing games, downloading new apps, and logging into the biggest craze nowadays: social media.

The advent of MySpace and nowadays, Facebook and Twitter will broadcast to the web world what everybody is doing at a moment’s notice. From the inane, mundane, and insane, a pretty broad spectrum of humanity is always on display. Youtube has made showing off baby or pet home videos a popular trend. The term “social media” basically creates and populates a second life for people.  The socially awkward become more and more introvert and yet speak loudly from the bowels of a basement pc or laptop in forums and chatrooms. Long distance friends and families can maintain contact and relationships prosper or falter, all thanks to the internet. Perhaps you know someone who spends 6-10 hours a day on Warcraft, or perhaps have heard of people dying of exhaustion or starvation on gaming marathon binges.

We live in a society where every other person is seemingly talking to themselves because they’re adorning bluetooth headsets. Traffic accidents are on the rise because we are all busy texting. We will avoid confrontation because its much easier to send an email. We’ve saved trees and money for postage and envelopes, but have seen the internet cost thousands of jobs because of low/no overhead. You can spend hours or days having a quarrel over the context of a chat log because meaning and intonation can only be interpreted in actual live conversation.

Blogs can air dirty laundry, stir drama, report news and rumors, chronicle events and experiences, give reviews and voice opinions. Everyone can blog and be a journalist of sorts, on an endless myriad of subjects. Instead of merely accessing media, we become media. All of these aspects have created an attention deficit society. Simultaneously exciting but frightening. Fascinating but overwhelming. A blessing. And a curse.

The web has fueled a new kind of addiction. And yes, I freely admit. I AM an addict. I AM obsessed with it all. I reach out, connect, interact, mingle, network, and promote. Its profoundly affected how I deal with life and I can’t imagine a life without it. I am very grateful for the opportunities technology has given me and those around me. After all, it made what you’re reading possible.

Where will this all lead? Some can ride the wave successfully, others may go off the deep end. An older generation may throw its arms up in defeat while a new generation embraces it from birth. The path it provides us is unique to each individual. Where is it leading and where will we end up? I can’t wait to find out.

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Happy to announce I will be a guest at San Japan in San Antonio, Texas on August 14-16 as well as Nekocon in Hampton Roads, Virginia on November 6-8.  For a full list of where you can meet me along with all applicable links, click on the APPEARANCES page. 🙂

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Upcoming Appearances

Geek Kon

Madison, Wisconsin

October 23-25, 2009


Dearborn, Michigan

October 29-November 1, 2009


Hampton Roads, Virginia

November 6-8, 2009

Another Anime Con

Nashua, New Hampshire

November 20-22, 2009

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