Hey gang, been a while since I’ve updated here.  Got a good number of cool projects I wanted to share.  First off, I return as Lindow in the PS4 game, “God Eater 2:  Rage Burst”, available this week.  I’ll also be voicing him in the anime series from Aniplex as well.


If you have wee ones, or ya just wanna watch a fun CG toon on Netflix, check out “Bottersnikes and Gumbles”.  I voice Gubbo.  He’s like Patrick Warburton on Xanax.



I did some bit part animal and human voices for THE WILD LIFE, a retelling of Robinson Crusoe.  It’s out now in Europe and will be in select U.S. theaters starting September 9.

“Digimon Adventure try Chapter 1” is coming to theaters for one night in 300+ U.S. cities on September 15.  You’ll be hearing me as Greymon.

A few months back I had an uncredited voice match gig for Bayard the dog in the sequel, “Alice Through the Looking Glass”.

If you’ve been watching the hit show, “One Punch Man”, you’ve been hearing me in a few smaller roles, such as “Bespectacled Worker”…

And Kamakyuri…

Keep watching, as I’ve got one more “One Punch Man” character coming up in the next few weeks.  ;D   Also, if you’ve been checking out “Hunter X Hunter”, also on Toonami, you’ve heard me as Umori.

If you still need some more anime, look no further than on Netflix, for “Seven Deadly Sins”.  On that series, I voice Dale…

also, Weinheidt…

and Dana…


I noticed my credits were in SEVERE need of updating, so I spent some time giving it a little shine.  If you feel like looking at a very long but up-to-date list, then click HERE.  Speaking of updates, I also cleaned up my APPEARANCES page.  I’ll be stopping in Phoenix and Atlanta in September, and Detroit in early November.  I do have a lot of weekends coming up, so if you have a con in your town and you’d like to see me as a guest, please email them to request me.   I’m very easy to find.  All con inquiries, or fan correspondence, can be sent to:


I’ll be in Phoenix in just a matter of days for SABOTEN.  Here’s my schedule…


2:30p   Voice Actor Q and A

4p  Autographs



2:30p  Voice Actor Q and A

4p  Video Game Voice Acting

5:30p Autographs



4p  Voice Actor Q and A

4:30p Autographs



11:30am  Geek Talk (with my fiancee, the beautiful Ryter Rong)



—-Rock on!



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This weekend I’m off to Albuquerque for SABAKUCON!  Here’s where you can see me:


2p  The Many Voices of Kyle Hebert

3:30  Voice Actor Q and A

6:30  Autographs

7:30 VIP Meet and Greet



11am  Autographs

2p Voice Actor Q and A



11am  Autographs

12:30  Voice Actor Q and A


If you’ve got a 3DS and were a fan of “Bravely Default”, then you’ll wanna snag the sequel, “Bravely Second” out now!  I am back as Ominas Crowe.  😀


Thanks to everyone for the support on social media and coming out to the cons!

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No jet lag for me this weekend.  My gal, Ryter Rong, and myself will take a nice drive from Los Angeles down to San Diego for HANADOKI CON.  Hope to see you all there!


Friday, March 18th:

11am Opening Ceremonies (Main Stage)

12:15p  Geek Talk with Kyle Hebert & Ryter Rong (Garden Salon I)

2:30p  Writing and Self Publishing 101 with Ryter Rong  (Live Programming I)

3p  Voice Actor’s Roundtable  (Garden Salon I)

5p Autograph Session  (Regency Ballroom)


Saturday, March 19th 

1p  The Celebrity Dub Show  (Garden Salon I)

3p  Autograph Session (Regency Ballroom)

4:15p Everything DBZ with Kyle Hebert!, 4:15pm-5:15pm, Brittany (Live Programming 1)

8:15p The Voice Actor Talk Show  (Eaton)


Sunday, March 20th 

10a  Pancake Breakfast/Maid Cafe (Le Chanticleer) 

11:15am Voice Acting for Video Games  (Brittany)

2p  The Utimate Lip Sync Battle  (Garden Salon I & II) 

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Hey guys!  Been a while, no?  I was alerted to a server issue with the website, which unfortunately wiped some posts and appearance updates.  I’ve gone in and updated appearances for this year thus far.  Hopefully all tech issues behind the curtains have been resolved.   The Appearance page has links to all of these awesome events.  Hope to see ya on the road soon!
ANIME MILWAUKEE March 11-13, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

HANADOKI CON March 18-20, San Diego, California

SAKURA CON MARCH 25-27, Seattle, Washington

CYPHACON April 8-10, Lake Charles, Louisiana

MIDWEST MEDIA EXPO April 15-17, Dearborn, Michigan

ANIME DETOUR April 22-24, Bloomington, Minnesota

SABAKUCON May 6-8, Albuquerque, New Mexico

ANIMAZEMENT May 27-29, Raleigh, North Carolina

A-KON June 3-5, Dallas, Texas

INDY POPCON June 17-19, Indianapolis, Indiana

ANIME IOWA July 29-31, Coralville, Iowa

SABOTEN CON September 2-5, Phoenix, Arizona


In case anybody was wondering, I am back as Ryu in STREET FIGHTER 5, now available on PS4 and PC.  Super stoked to have returned to such an iconic character and franchise.  Happy button mashing!

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Heading back to Omaha this weekend for ANIME NEBRASKON.  

Here is my schedule:



8P  Video Game Voice Acting  

9P  Guest Q and A



11AM  Geek Talk

3-4:30PM and 5-6:30PM  Autographs

10p  Guests’ Opinions On Life



10AM  Brunch With the Guests


I’ve been honored to be a repeat guests with Nebraskon for years.  Looking forward to hanging with everyone!

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