Hey everyone, just wanted to give a heads up that I will no longer be offering Skype VO workouts.  Thanks to everyone who took one with me over the years.  Truth is, I am too busy (and trust me, that’s a good first world problem to have in this business).  They were never intended to be a quick way into the industry, or to instantly transform a fan/beginner/curious person into a professional voice actor.  They were meant to be a “see what it’s like for the pros” scenario.   Luckily, with all my disclaimers out there of NOT being an acting coach, the sessions were given an overwhelmingly positive reaction.  I am so grateful to everyone for staying grounded and most of all, having fun.  This brings me to an important point.


Being a fan of anime/cartoons/video games does not make you a voice actor.  Doing impressions does not make you a voice actor.  Taking a session with me or anybody else will not magically transform anybody, regardless of how much raw talent they have.  Many who want to become voice actors eventually give up, or perhaps they just don’t have the chops (nobody starts with zero talent and becomes a Jedi level pro).  This doesn’t make them bad people.  I have a huge amount of respect for anybody who wants to try something a little outside of their box.  At least they tried.  Better than wondering what if, ya know?


To be a voice actor, all the info is out there (Google is your friend!).  Train by taking acting classes/workshops with accredited acting coaches.  Look for testimonials or if its a local class, ask for an audit (sitting in on a class for free or reduced rate to witness how the instructor teaches).  Avoid snake oil salesmen who promise the world.  I’ve been accused by a few of my colleagues of being that, which is a shame, since I’ve gone out of my way to express what NOT to expect from my sessions.  I’ve never promised anything other than a critique and a demonstration of what to expect in an audition/session.  I haven’t ever sugar coated my advice to anyone on the con circuit, online, or one on one.  Ultimately, training takes time, patience, money, and a positive-but-realistic attitude.   Auditions in this professions ARE the job.  Booking the part is gravy.  We are in the business of being told “no” on a daily basis (usually by just not hearing from anybody once the audition is done).

I wish the very best to anyone wanting to pursue this career, but know that there is no guaranteed payoff.  You can take all the classes, live where the work is, and be the most talented and STILL not book.   It’s all risk and know that every person’s path is unique.  You can learn from all experiences, positive or negative, and you never know what curve balls life may throw you.   I have said all of this before to many in person, at panels, and online, but wanted to re-state it for all the new folks following.  Thanks a ton, guys!