Bang Zoom Entertainment, a studio that has handled the voice recording on numerous anime/games, as well as hosting acting workshops, have recently compiled some good tips on respecting boundaries of guests at conventions.  I’ve summarized these reminders for attendees and even up and coming industry to be aware of:

If you’re chatting with a guest at a signing, or out and about in the hallways, be courteous and know that the other person has many others to see and places to be. Don’t take it personally when the guest needs to move on.

Don’t badger a guest to spend time with you, watch your YouTube channel, listen to your demo, etc. Dropping off a business card and so on is fine. Just keep it casual.

Don’t follow/hover unless the guest has asked you to tag along. Stalking, no matter how harmless the intent, can definitely be perceived negatively.

Don’t invite yourself along to outtings with a guest unless you are personally told that you are welcome to join. Hearing about plans secondhand does not count.

From a general social perspective, remember that all guests are regular people just like you. They want to have fun, just like you. Please be respectful so everybody’s con experience can be top notch.

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