Its been a super slow few months on the gig front, though auditions have been plentiful.  I am very lucky to be given those opportunities.  But when they don’t call you in, you don’t work.  If you get to do voice over, remember to have a day job to keep the bills paid.  I’ve been doing this for 10 years and I’ve never been more broke.  Currently, I DON’T have a day job and have been struggling quite a bit to stay afloat.  The catch is to find something that will keep at least most of your weekdays free for auditions/sessions, and since the economy has been in the toilet for quite a while, jobs aren’t exactly plentiful.  When I applied to be a stocker at my neighboring grocery store, I didn’t even get a callback for an interview.   The only two things I am qualified to do are be a disc jockey and do voice acting.  Radio was a wobbly at best when I joined back in the early 90s…and now the internet has caused terrestrial radio to slash jobs left and right.  I was doing radio imaging (those guys that identify the station between songs that AREN’T the dj) but that dried up.  I’ve never been a waiter or worked retail, never been a telemarketer, etc.  Stress is at an almost constant high level.   This is a very real downside to being a self employed voice actor.  But I accept that baggage, and I give my all on every audition…and eventually a few things stick here and there.  To quote Galaxy Quest:  “Never give up.  Never surrender!”

A great escape from the harsh reality of dreadfully inconsistent work is when I get to travel to conventions.  I can’t wait to fly out to Phoenix next weekend for Saboten Con.   I get the face to face feedback from the fans, mingling with my fellow voice acting peers, and I enjoy very gracious semi-celeb treatment.  I am truly blessed.  My time spent in other cities helps keep the spark of hope alive.  But I have to say, the biggest positive influence on my drive and determination towards my work is the  huge groundswell of daily support on my Facebook and Twitter pages.  The fact that I am lucky enough to do what I do and happen to entertain so many of you is a perk greater than any paycheck.  Thanks to each and every person who follows my career.  You guys are simply da bomb.

Back to Saboten, if you’re attending, here is my panel schedule for the weekend of Oct 1-3:


12p      Anime Auditions:  The Process

1-3p    Kyle Hebert Q and A

4:30p  VA Q and A



12p  Bleach

4:30p VA Q and A

7:30-10p    Masquerade (emcee)



12p  Dragonball Evolution Roast

1:30p  VA Q and A