NEW PROJECTS: X Men Arcade, Comic Jumper, Naruto, Sengoku Basara 3

If you like zany action, you’ll want to download “Comic Jumper” on Xbox Live Arcade.  I voice various cops, villagers, and a boss level character named Benny. His voice is based on the cab driver from “Total Recall”. There’s a free demo and the full game is 1200 Microsoft points. Available now.

Next up, I reprise my ninja role as Kiba in “Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2”. Graphics are insanely awesome on this one.  Available October 19 for Xbox and PS3!

Marvel announced an old school classic at New York Comic Con: “Xmen Arcade”

You’ll be hearing me all over this game. The audio has been completely redone and I voice ALL the male characters in their cheese-tastic glory. (I was given uber rare approval from the Marvel rep at my session that I was all clear to blog about this was the game was announced.)  Release date is “soon” for Xbox Live Arcade. I won’t be winning any acting awards for it, but you’ll definitely laugh. 😉

Lastly, if you’re into samurai sword swashbuckling action (say that fast five times!), I voice Muneshige Tachibana on “Sengoku Basara 3:  Samurai Heroes”, available now for PS3 and Wii.

  • fleeingbynight

    I saw the “Comic Jumper” review on Xplay. I want to play the “Manga” level because come on! How can you not want to play a Manga level that takes place in a high school where their school mascot is the ” Fighting Tentacles!” Sadly, I do not own a xbox…

  • I definitely remember playing the X-Men game in arcades eons ago, and will be getting that on 360 the day it releases. It was second only to TMNT in terms of my favorite arcade beat-’em-ups.

    Speaking of which, you should totally get in on voicing a TMNT character someday, Kyle. That would be awesome.