Coming next week is a new Sonic the Hedgehog game out now called “Sonic Colors”.  I voice the non-playable character, Big the Cat on the DS version.  I’m very excited to be added to this popular franchise!  (thanks to @GameBuddy on Twitter for the correction…I erroneously had announced I was in “Free Riders”)

I’m gearing up for ShadoCon in Tampa this weekend, then for Thanksgiving weekend, I’m off to Tomodachi Fest in Boise, Idaho.  That’ll wrap up my appearances for 2010, but folks are asking what I’ve got lined up for next year.  Here’s a small sampling…

ANIME MATSURI in Houston, TX   March 18-20

ANIME DETOUR in Bloomington, MN  April 1-3

ANIME ST. LOUIS in Collinsville, IL April 15-17

A-KON in Dallas, TX June 10-12

DRAGON CON in Atlanta, GA September 2-5

You can catch me walking around Anime LA and Anime Expo as usual.  Plus there are other shows still in the planning stages so stay tuned.  My appearance page will be updated accordingly.  I’ve got some really fun international stops coming next year and I can’t wait to share them with you guys!  Meanwhile, work has picked up and the stress of being a freelancer has been reduced (for now).  I’m very blessed with everything I’ve gotten to do, and its worth every bit of it.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!

  • Queenlawl


  • Mikel

    Hey Kyle, great job earning the role of Big the Cat in the Sonic games.

    I can’t wait to see you in Tokyo in Tulsa next year, it will be a blast.

  • TheShockMaster

    From a Sonic nerd: PERFECT casting choice.

  • batwing321

    Do you go by Mike Mycheck or Kent Hampton? If not, I don’t see you anywhere in the Free Riders credits. I also don’t see Laura Bailey, and I KNOW she plays Omochao, I just know it!