This past week marks another first for my voice acting career.  I performed additional voices on the theatrically released animated sequel, “Hoodwinked, Too”.  I heard a couple of lines, but most notably, my Obi Wan impression finally came in handy.  In one scene, I utter the phrase “Luke, trust the Force…..oh, sorry….wrong hero quest” as the main heroine, Red, makes a discovery.  Not to condone piracy, but I just had to take a pic of the glorious occasion of my (misspelled) name in the credits…

Next up, filmmaker, Kevin Smith, is launching his new Smodcast Internet Radio on May 9, starting at 8am pacific.  Each weekday morning, himself, his wife, and his wacky friends will be cranking out 4 hours of new daily content, and then streaming repeats of years worth of podcast audio, 24/7.  You’ll be able to listen in on your computer via And if you have an iPhone or Android phone, you’ll be able to access this new channel via the Stitcher app.   I’ve been a huge Smith fan since his first movie, “Clerks”, and since his successful “Hollywood Babble On” podcast started implementing my movie trailer style VO, I emailed repeatedly about wanting to be involved in this new project.  Recently, Kevin asked me to come on board, so you’ll be able to hear me in between the shows doing bumpers and promos.


Lastly, I have updated my APPEARANCES page with some new dates.   I’ll be stopping by Michigan, Ireland, Iowa, and Virginia in addition to numerous other conventions.