New projects out there with my voice tucked inside.  I voice a “basketballer” and “geek zombies” in LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW.  This one is VERY much for the grownups, just fyi.   If you have an Xbox or PS3, you can hear me as Iron Man, Silver Surfer, and Odin in MARVEL PINBALL:  THE AVENGERS CHRONICLES.  Lastly, a career achievement… I have waited most of my life for:  to voice in a major animated cartoon.

Over two years ago, I recorded for AVENGERS:  EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES, and this summer on Disney XD, you’ll hear me on a couple episodes as Super Skrull.  Now, Marvel did announce they aren’t renewing the show for a third season, so I’m not sure if Disney will air the rest of season 2…but I’m fairly certain they’ll end up on video or Netflix eventually at least.  Words cannot describe how awesome I feel to have gotten to this moment in my career.  I’m letting the cat out of the bag a bit early simply because the episode has aired already in Australia.  Voicing with the cast on a domestic animated project is simply the most fun ever in the booth, getting to play off each other’s performances and watch the magic happen.  Working these sessions proved to me that this was not only what I hoped it would be, but also everything I want to continue to strive for.  Truly blessed to share these moments with you guys.