Happy New Year!  Hope everybody enjoyed an awesome holiday with their families.  I’m hitting the ground running with the first weekend of 2013 by heading to SACANIME in Sacramento, CA.  There’s a great guest lineup, and I gotta admit, I’ll probably be fanboying most of the time.  Here’s where you can see me:


12:30pm-1:30pm VA PANEL

2:30-4:30  AUTOGRAPHS



10am-11am  VA PANEL

12:30pm-2:30pm  AUTOGRAPHS




1pm-2pm  VA PANEL

2:30pm-4:30pm  AUTOGRAPHS



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Heading up to North Cali this weekend.  Monterrey, to be exact for AnimeiCon.  Fellow voice actor, G.K. Bowes (Felicia from Marvel vs Capcom 3), will also be there.   Even though actors record solo for anime, she and I have worked together on Bleach, Resident Evil 5, Gurren Lagann, Dynasty Warriors, MvC 3, Street Fighter X Tekken, Guild Wars 2, and Rune Factory.  Hope to catch ya there.  Here is my panel schedule for Sat/Sunday…..


Noon    Voice Acting 101  (Regency Grand Ballroom Panel Room 6)

1p    Autographs (Regency Grand Ballroom 3)

2:30pm  Kyle Hebert and G.K. Bowes Q and A (Regency Grand Ballroom Panel Room 6)

3:30pm Autographs with G.K. Bowes  (Regency Grand Ballroom 3)

7p  Dragonball Evolution roast  *18+  (Regency Grand Ballroom Workshop 4 and 5)



11am  So You Want To Be A Voice Actor (Cypress Panel 1,2,3)

Noon Autographs (Regency Grand Ballroom 1)

2p  Kyle Hebert and G.K. Bowes Q and A (Cypress Panel 1,2,3)


This is my final con for 2012, and it’s been a jam packed year of fun.  Many more shows are already pencilled in for 2013, so check back on my APPEARANCES page often.  And remember, if you’d like to see me at your local con, send them a nice email.  If you’re not sure what cons are near you, go to for a complete listing with links.  It’s good to make the request about 6-9 months ahead of time if possible.  ;D

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It’s been a long wait for “Hellsing Ultimate” fans, but the gory smash anime has finally hit high-def with all episodes currently in release.  I voiced a mercenary member of the Wild Geese and with the all new second volume, you’ll also hear me as Christopher Walken.  Yep, THAT Christopher Walken.  It’s a brief appearance, but it’s always nice to get to put an impression to good use.  “Hellsing Ultimate” is available  now in two volumes, as a blu ray/dvd combo pack.

This weekend I am making my way to Pittsburgh for KURO KIIRO FESTIVAL.  If you have a smart phone, you can save the complete program guide digitally via the free Guidebook app (iOS and Android).  As of now, here is where you can find me:



8p  Geek Talk



1:30pm  Video Game Voice Acting

2:30pm  Autographs

5:30pm  Q and A



(to be announced, so check Guidebook app or for updates!)


Lastly, thanks so much to all the fans who messaged me about cheering during my cameo/credit appearance as Ryu in “Wreck-It Ralph”, and for sending me video clips and screencaps.   To say this is a career highlight is an understatement.  I’ve seen it three times (not just because I am in it) since the movie is pretty darn awesome.  Don’t miss the gorgeous Disney short in front of it, called “Paperman”.   Brilliant blend of 2D drawing and 3D depth.  As of this past weekend, “Wreck-It Ralph” held a sturdy #2 at the box office and continues to rake in a huge chunk of change for Disney.

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“Wreck-It Ralph” made a whopping $49.1 million in it’s debut weekend.  And deservedly so!  Hope you get a chance to check it out.  It’s very funny, touching, and overflowing with nostalgia.  Think “Toy Story” for gamers.  I am so blessed to have gotten to contribute a couple lines as Ryu in the opening.  Getting to voice in the #1 movie at the box office thanks to a cool loophole (Disney wanted actual game voices for their respective cameos)—who’da thunk?

Next stop for me is Chattanooga, Tennessee this weekend for ANIME BLAST CHATTANOOGA.  Other VA guests include Brittney Karbowski, Eric Stuart, and Aaron Dismuke.  Hope to see you there.  Here’s my panel/signing schedule:

4PM – 5PM  Video Game Voice Acting 

5PM – 6PM  Opening Ceremonies

6PM – 7PM  Autographs

12AM – 2AM   Dragonball Evolution Roast (18+)


2PM – 3PM  Match Game

3p-4p  VIP Reception

5PM – 6PM  Voice Actor Royale

6PM – 7PM  Autographs

7:30PM – 9PM
The ¥25,000 Pyramid


12PM – 1PM   Geek Out 

2PM – 3PM  Autographs

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It’s a moment I’ve been awaiting for decades:  to be a voice on a Disney animated feature.  Granted, it’s just a cameo (Ryu from Street Fighter), but this is a huge personal achievement for me.  It’s the next step on the long and winding path of my voice over career.  My connection in the game world as the voice of an iconic character managed to land me a tiny slot on a major animated movie set in the video game world.  Talk about luck!  I had the pleasure of seeing an advance screening of “Wreck-It Ralph” (in theaters this Friday, November 2), and am happy to report that the film is not only a loving homage to old school games, but a well done story with characters that make you laugh and have emotional resonance.  “Wreck-It Ralph” is a ton of fun and I recommend it to anybody, regardless of my minimal involvement.   Gotta be honest, it’s gonna be a while coming down from this particular high.  I’m thrilled, not only for the opportunity, but for where this notch on the resume will lead.   Hopefully bigger roles on other mainstream animation projects.  Meanwhile, the auditions continue!

If you’re in Omaha, Nebraska, or nearby, I’ll be headed to ANIME NEBRASKON this weekend.  I’ll be catching “Wreck-It Ralph” again and, of course, doing panels and signings:


4p Opening Ceremonies  (Palace F)

6p  Gurren Lagann (Palace A)



12P  DBZ  Panel (Palace G)

1p  Exclusive VIP Event (Tower A)

3p  Kyle Hebert solo panel (Palace A)

4:45  Autographs (Palace D)

10p  Convention Tales from the Guests (Palace F)

Midnight   Dragonball Evolution Roast (Palace E)



12p  Autographs  (Palace C)




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